Jill and I are both lucky that my Mom; Anne Cairns; got involved and helped us plan two great parties. They were a lot of fun and gave us a chance to celebrate with friends and family.

The last year has been amazing. I feel like that I have been going down memory lane a lot of friends, colleagues, and family.

Despite an amazing year, in some respects, it has been emotionally tough.  I wish my Dad had been around to share all these great times with us.

One thing we tried to do is to involve my Dad’s memory around us in everything we did. The day we were married, I had a picture of my MOm and Dad in my jacket pocket. I have a really nice medical alert bracelet that belonged to my Dad which I wore the day we were married and during both parties.

At the party on October 21st, we had a looney bar and donated all proceeds from it to Pancreatic Cancer Research in honor of my Dad. When my Mom made the donation to Dr. Ko she included the following: “Thank you for taking care of my husband and my children’s father, Bruce Lennox Cairns, in your drug study at Odette Centre of Sunnybrook in 2010.  Please utilize this donation, at your discretion, to help someone in someway in the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.”

After Jill and I had our first dance, I had a mother-son dance. The song I choose was Celion Dion’s Because You Loved Me. I chose that song because it was played at my Dad’s funeral 7 years ago and I wanted it to be played at a happy time.