Last night I was at the amazing Drift Road Show with some of the top marketers in Toronto. They had over 200 people in attendance.

A special thank you to SalesTo for running the event and for Pivotal Software for having the event at their workplace.

The amazing panel had on it:

  1. Dave Gerhardt – VP of marketing at Drift.
  2. David Cancel – A serial investor, angel investor and podcast host.
  3. Jason Goldlist – GM at Wealthsimple.
  4. Joanna Griffiths – Founder/CEO at Knixwear.

The panel was insightful and amazing.

If you want to add a new podcast to your podcast player, then you need  you add Drift’s Seeking Wisdom. Last night’s Road Show will be coming out soon a a podcast episode.

Below are some pictures from the event.