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Do You Test Your Backups?

For a long time I have suggested that people use a 3-2-1 backup strategy. This basically means 3 copies of every file on 3 different types of media. I use multiple backups types and a combination off onsite and offsite backups to protect my personal and business data. If you do this all is good right? Let’s not move so fast.

It does not matter if you are backing up your website, a server or data off your own personal computer. Backing the data up is only one part of the process. The backup you have is only as good as the ability to restore your data.

How many people actually try and do a restore off their data as a test? To make sure that they can actually restore the data they have saved? The answer to this question is most people never do. Remember your backup is only good as the ability to restore your data.

I strongly recommend that everyone test their backups to make sure the data can be restored. One thing I do as a WordPress developer is any clients I am doing managed backups for – I do a restore once a month to make sure the backup process is working properly. This restore is always done to a test site. This way I know the backup is working fine and I can restore the data in a real emergency.

Remember backups are only as good as the ability to restore them. Make sure that you test the ability to restore your backups on a regular basis. Without a tested restore process, your backups are basically worthless. Protect yourself and test your backups.

Do you test your backups? Please share your comments in the box below.

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