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Are You Really Protected – Check Your Backups Today!



Is your website really protected? You are a business owner. You have done all the right things. You make sure all the software fixes are applied on your website on a weekly basis. You read all the security websites. You take backups and store them in a safe secured location. Then you sit back and smile. Your work is done.

On Tuesday you get up and it appears your site has been hacked. You say I got it and you go reach for your backup. 10 mins later its on the server and that look comes over your face. Oh NO!

oh no

It turns out your backup is corrupt and you are done. Then you remember you have kept 2 months worth of backups but when you check they are corrupt as well. Oh No Houston we have a problem a big one!

This scenario is not all too common. Many businesses assume because they have a backup they are safe. The backup is only as good as the ability to restore it. This is the key that people need to remember.

For my clients I run restore tests every 60 days. I know that the backups I have are good. Taking the time to test the restore when the pressure is off in a controlled test environment takes the pressure off when something really happens. It is called being prepared. Remember your backup is only as good as the ability to restore it.

Do you test your backups and the ability to restore them. Please share a comment in the box below.

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