Time for Projects



The time required for projects has become a hot topic of late. Lately I have received many calls where people want me to quote on jobs without knowing what the work is or by calling and saying I know this should only take 2 hours. The perspective client often wants to dictate how long the work will take.

The issue with this is an expert can not give a time estimate without the scope of the work being fully known. I personally stay away from projects like these as the client tends to be nit picky about the time/cost and are not really interested in having  the issue fixed properly.

The 2nd issue I have run into lately a lot is people want a quote on a job by saying they want a 4 page or a 5 page web site without specifying what they want on the pages, what type of design and the support needed. These factors all impact the cost of the website and the cost of the project.

It is funny how people who are not experts with websites all know or figure how long something will take. The reality is they really have no understanding. This is why they hire an expert. To make and aid with these kinds of decisions.

One of the biggest things is to hire an expert who you trust to do the work properly and effectively. This is more important then the time. If time is your priority it will probably cost you more in the long run. It is something that you really should consider.

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