The Dlink Scam

A week ago a good friend was having issues with her Dlink router. It seemed the signal was not going far. Instead of calling me she did a web search and called a “Dlink Rep”.

It turned out the Rep was not from Dlink at all. He remoted to her pc – yikes and told her she had problems with Client Server Run Time process and it should not be running. Wow.

The Client Server Run Time Process is REQUIRED for Windows to run. To add insult to injury he wanted over $300 for a Microsoft Authorized Fix. This set red lights going and she shut her router down and called me.

First off if laptop is off and the Ipad will not connect to the router it has nothing to do with the computer. 2ndly Microsoft has no such authorized fix. If my friend gave out her credit card number she would have compromissed it as well.

In this case she was lucky. I had her run virus scans and they came back clean. I will be installing a new router at the cost of $50.00 not $300 to fix the issue.

Be careful folks. Always talk to a respected known computer professional first.

The Rumor Mill Does Not Belong

I am a very community oriented. Lately it seems other people come to me with rumours and concerns about other people I am close too in the community. This practice is wrong and should not be done with anyone. Especially since I have made it clear to take your concerns to the person directly. ItContinue Reading


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