Danzig 2 Years Later

2 years ago Kelli and I were on Kingston Road buying dinner at a local Mr. Sub. We were getting a late dinner, We started counting ambulances. Kelli said to me I think we have a bad accident and my reaction at the time was that we had a gang brawl.

I wish I was wrong that night because we had a major tragedy on our hands. God was watching over us that night I truly believe that. Normally we would have walked east on Danzig and been in the middle of the firing zone.

I have also been heavily involved int he community. This just increased my community involvement and as a result II joined the 43 Division CPLC Committee.

It was a tough day I remember turning on Morningside Avenue and seeing a stream of police cars, emergency vehicles and people everywhere. I even saw the young 2 year old being put into one of the many ambulances.

That night 2 lives were lost - Joshua Yasay, 23, and Shyanne Charles, 14.

23 people were wounded.

It is a night I and many other people will never forget.

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The above 4 images are some of the photos I took the day after this terrible tragedy.

Today the community is stronger, wiser and resilient. This is still work in progress but we have come a long way from 2 years ago.

A quote that I really like is one my gf Kelli used in an interview with The Toronto Star - “Before, there wasn’t much of a sense of a community,” said Kelli Ellis, who lives a stone’s throw from the housing complex where the shooting occurred. “It was really disjointed. Now we all know our neighbours – that’s improved.”

If you want read the entire article please click here.

Kelli also did an interview with CFRB 1010 – It can be viewed by clicking here.

My good friend Joseph Khargie talked to the Toronto Sun. He said “It hasn’t been an easy journey, but things are improving and people are moving beyond the tragedy”. The entire article can be found by clicking here

Some pictures from the event two days ago are below:

2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0001

2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0004 2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0005 2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0007 2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0009 2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0013 2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0014 2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0016 2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0019 2nd anniversary of Danzig Shooting-0026 Kelli Media Interviews

.A special thanks to the community, Joseph Khargie, Randy Arsenault, all the officers at 43 Division and all of Toronto Police, Marilyn Hodge, all my colleagues on the 43 Division CPLC Committee and all other community partners for making the Danzig community a better place to live.

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