Discretion Online

Being discrete online is a topic that I have written about before. I think there are a pile of things you can do to protect yourself:


1. Never Use your true Mom’s maiden name to answer a security question. Fill something else in and note what it is.

2. If people knowing your age is an issue for you, do not post your age or use a fake age.

3. The same as #2 for sex.

4. If you are concerned, never post your relationship status. I have mine posted because I really don’t care 🙂

5. Develop a house rule that family problems are never to be aired out over social media.

6. Do not share ANY of your banking information on social media.

7. Never post pictures pictures you do not want others to see.

8. Stay out of the online gossip channel. It is not worth it.

9. Be careful about using Foursquare or Flacebook places. One thing I never to do is check in at home. I use the local Starbucks.

10. Be careful what you say online. It could hurt you in a job search years down the road.


Try and use these 10 tips. They will help you:)

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