Managing My Social Media Time

One of the things I do is I am a social media consultant. I help clients improve there social media presence in order to benefit them. One of the things I see is that most people have issues managing the time they spend on social media. It is easy to get caught up in social media and forget you have other job functions to do. I use a variety of ways to help manage my social media time as follows:

1. Schedule time in my business day. I schedule this time right into my calendar.

2. I only keep Facebook open when I am using Facebook.

3. I only keep Tweet deck open when I am actively using it.

4. I use Boxcar on the Iphone to notify me off any tweets I am mentioned in or Dm’s.

5. On Skype I now mark myself as do not disturb when I am not available.

6. I schedule time to read other blog posts in my daily calendar.

7. I schedule time to do my own blog posts in my calendar.

8. When I am commuting I use the time to catch up on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as I use public transit.

9. I email myself anything important that I need to look at in depth later.

10. I automate some tweets using Buffer and Tweet Deck.

11. I am working on automating some more using Ifft.

The key is to schedule time and not be absorbed by social media. If you use it right it can be a great tool. Try and manage your time better. You will not be sorry you did and you will be more productive.

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