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Balance is something that I really believe in:) Lately I have had to adjust and readjust. Unfortunately I have not had as much time to blog lately. I still feel blogging is really important, so is social media and so is my family. The key is how do you balance a busy life. The real important thing is scheduling.

My business is doing well and as a result is it is taking up a lot of time lately. This is a good thing:) This means I am doing well and that is really important for me. I want to continue to do well and that is also important for me:)

I have been spending a lot of time lately doing thins in my community. I was involved in the web site for The Toronto BMX Jam as well as the Ontario Lacrosse Association Semi Annual General Meeting last weekend. This was after I spent 3 days in Ottawa visiting my son and celebrating his 20th birthday. A little too busy but I usually do not pack my schedule this bad:)

As a result one thing that has suffered is my blogging including my Weekly This Week In Review. I did a lot of thinking while I was away and decided on this blog to go back to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting strategy. Friday will be the This Week In Review video almost always. The other two days will be timely information to engage with you the reader.

The key for me is balance and I think changing around how I do things will provide a better balance.

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