Working With New Software

New software always has it challenges.  I often talk about the reasons people should upgrade and the reasons you should not upgrade. I have talked in early posts a lot about this lately.

In terms of new software, one thing I always suggest is leave your self time to learn it properly. Take the time and use it on non production work to learn and get to know your software package well. All software packages have changes in how they do things. Depending on the package the learning curve can be small or it can be large.

Take Headway 3.x for example. The Visual Editor is more powerful then 2.x . It has be rewritten and changed. One reason it was done is because the community asked for more power. The minute you make a software package more powerful, the learning curve is higher. This is something to keep in mind. The more bells and whistles the higher the learning curve.

Every new package has it’s issues. I do not know of one version of Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office that has zero bugs.  They key is to identify the bugs and learn to deal with them. All products are not 100% perfect.

Now many of us will go to a training class to figure out the new software package. When choosing a trainer I would suggest using one that has worked with the new package for a large amount of time. 10 hours just does not cut it. 10 hours on a new involved product does not make you an expert or a trainer. It makes you a user who has spent 10 hours learning a product. Choose your trainer wisely and carefully.

Now give yourself the time to learn the product. Do not get caught using a new version of any product when you have a tight deadline on your schedule. Learn it when your schedule is not so packed and you can learn it properly.

If you take this advice your experience with a new software product will be much better. Please share in the comment box below how you learn a new software product.

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