So You Call Yourself A Web Beta Tester

A lot of people call themselves web beta testers. The first thing is do you really know what Beta software is? First off it is not software that is ready for prime time – unless you are Google. Beta software is typically software that has more bugs then a standard release. Please note that this means the software has bugs in it. I know I am repeating myself but some people do not understand this point at all.

Secondly running Beta web software does not mean you upgrade your live production site. Do not ever do this. This is bad practices and something you should never do. Beta testing should always be done on a test web site.

The questions is now how do I build a test web site. Follow the following steps:

1. Purchase BackupBuddy by Ithemes.

2. Use Backup Buddy to make a complete backup of the MySql database and the file structure.

3. Download the file created in Step 2 and the importbuddy.php file which Backup Buddy gives you.

4. Create a new MySql Database.

5. Create a test domain.

6. Ftp the files downloaded in step 3 to the new test domain you created in step 5.

7. Run the importbuddy.php on your test domain and follow the steps.

Once the 7th step is completed, you will have your test site all setup. Now you can install test theme or any test plugins which you want to test. This is where you should install test/beta software not your production site.

If you would like a test site set up and do not feel comfortable in doing it yourself, please contact me and we can work together to provide you with a complete testing environment including the hosting space as long as you need to do your testing.

What do you think about Beta testing? Please share your thoughts below.

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