New To Social Media – Keep It Simple

The world of social media can be scary at times. Where most people manage to get caught is they sign up for every social media service and then they say how to a manage it all? The answer is they don’t. This is not good at all. Social media is supposed to help us not frustrate us.

When I deal with my clients I suggest they make social media simple. How do you do this you might ask. The following is the formula I use:

1. Open a Google Gmail Account – great for Google Analytics, You Tube and Google alerts.
2. Open a Facebook account.
3. Create a Facebook fan page for your business.
3. Create a Twitter account.
4. Create a Linkedin account.
5. Use your Gmail account to create a YouTube account.

These are the basic services which I start my clients on:) The key is to start simple and grow.

The question now becomes is what I should use as a profile name. The key is to use a profile name that reflects what you do, your business or yourself. My profile name is usually robcairns. This is my name and is meaningful. A bad profile name would be something like sportsfan if I was trying to sell computer supplies. I think this gives you the idea.

They key is to keep it simple and manageable. On Friday I will talk about the difference between a personal Facebook profile and a Facebook fan page. How do you feel about starting out on social media? Please share your experiences.

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Solid start to getting on-board with social media. Thanks, Rob